Who can explain the anti-American American media

„De ce sa vrea America pace cu Iranul? Nu este in interesul ei.”
De ce reiau aceasta postare de pe un blog american de economie?
Pentru ca extremismul in declaratii nu este o gluma. Daca un radio israelian are un interviu cu un sef de politie iranian care vrea sa-i rada tara de pe harta, daca un pastor american are dovada vointei divine, daca un scriitor roman vede satana la Kremlin, daca un blogger este plin de ravna pentru interesul tarii sale, deja nu ne mai miram.
Iata insa cum declaratiile oficialilor sunt din ce in ce mai aprinse. Sute de mii deja au armele in mana in Yemen. Armele NATO se indreapta spre Rusia. Avioanele si submarinele rusesti inconjoara Europa. Toata lumea aude zilnic „geopolitica” de 50 de ori.
Interesul american, interesul rusesc, interesul ucrainean, romanesc… toate sunt bolnave. Sunt sinonime cu conflictul.
Daca ar fi sa imi dau viata pentru o cauza, aceasta ar fi pacea.
In 4 aprilie comemoram moartea lui Martin Luther King, luptator pentru drepturi civile si nonviolenta asasinat de catre CIA pentru ca se opunea razboiului din Vietnam.
Haideti sa o facem impreuna.

“Why would USA make peace with Iran? It is not in its interest.”
Why do I repost this from an American economics blog?

Because extremist declarations are not a joke. If an Israeli radio has an interview with an Iranian militia leader which seeks his country’s wipeoff, if an American pastor has proof of divine will, if a Romanian writer sees Satan at the Kremlin, if a blogger defends his country’s interest, it’s not quite surprizing.

Nevertheless, officials are increasingly bullish. There are hundreds of thousands of soldiers fighting in Yemen. NATO weapons are aimed at Russian federation. Russian airplanes and subs are circling western Europe. Everyone hears the word ‘geopolitics’ 50 times each day.

American interest, Russian interest, Ukrainian interest, these are all sick and synonimous with conflict.

If choosing a cause to give my life to, that would be the Peace.
On April the 4th we commemorate Martin Luther King’s death, nonviolent civil rights activist assasinated by the CIA for his stance on the Vietnam war. Let’s do it together.

Basicly, I am on opposite side on this with the ‘law of markets’. While he’s baffled why the war hasn’t started yet, I wish it never will.

My reason is simple: I live in Romania, right near the border with Ukraine. I am not eager to go through an armed conflict.

NATO purports to be purely defensive. Starting war with Russia wasn’t at all part of the deal with Romania when it joined.

There is room for cooperation, as it happened for the last 20 years, Americans and Russians in common manoeuvers.

Peace is our common interest, is it not? The difference is that you don’t have troups manouvering in your hometown. I do.

I reblogged this post to illustrate why peace is so threatened presently. It’s about economics, isn’t it?

I still hope the equilibrium can be achieved by peaceful means.

Law of Markets

There was a time I could understand what is going on in politics. I wouldn’t necessarily agree, but I could follow it. But what has me utterly mystified is the negotiations between the Americans and Iran. And it’s not Obama. He’s a known quantity. It’s everyone else, and the absence of any serious reaction.

Let me begin with this. Here’s a story from yesterday: Poll: Clear majority supports nuclear deal with Iran. Here’s what the survey showed, according to the opening para:

By a nearly 2 to 1 margin, Americans support the notion of striking a deal with Iran that restricts the nation’s nuclear program in exchange for loosening sanctions, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds.

If it comes to that, I support a deal that restricts Iran’s nuclear program. But it is the second para of the story that brings clarity to what American really believe:


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