Charlie claims exclusive rights for free speech

typoExcellence being rare, very few of us can actually be Charlie Hebdo. No fan of theirs can carry the ‘Je suis Charlie’ sign, for it plays their message upside-down into islamofobic propaganda. As faking wannabe-ism became a virtue, will Charlie also survive the deadly attack of the bigotry?

You’re not Charlie. Can’t get that low

Only days after a phenomenal security blunder, it is unbelievable that dozens of world leaders gathered on the streets of Paris, ‘The Capital of the World’ as called on the occasion by president Hollande.

The Charlie Hebdo incident is indeed a great humiliation for Europe. Not for kneeling down with a gun to its head, but for doing it for the sake of stupid drawings and sacrificed journalists whose message it seemingly continues to ignore.

Late Charb clearly explained his motivation for targeting religion: „We must continue until Islam will become as commonplace as Catholicism.” Done in the name of equality of all beliefs, it looks straight like proselytizing for atheism, the no-god religion.

However, banality is not opposed to the sacred. There is a side to it which sounds: „We must continue until Islam will become as sacred as Catholicism.”

The practice of blasphemy is a personal choice and a luxury reserved to buffoons. Not at all a noble Enlightenment task because it is an infringement of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Just for having the freedom to change religion, no one should be expected to do so under the constraint of pervasive humiliating irony.

Compulsory marching under an unwanted flag sparks unanimous public outrage. What about Goethe’s hopelessly enslaved who falsely believe they’re free? Marching for free speech may very well be a sign of having nothing to say.

Who’s holding the gun against Europe’s head? Europe alone is holding it.

The demagogic ethical code: death of laughter

Can’t the departed cartoonists be criticized without any reference to ISIS?

Such as the rape victim can’t be blamed for the way she dressed, so the murdered journalist can’t be held responsible for the published content.

Decoding a caricature can’t excuse a criminal or blame a victim, but may influence future similar actions. If a certain dressing code can spell trouble in a certain place, the public should definitely know: forget the miniskirt walking on Kemp Town beach after midnight.

The Charlie Hebdo journalists are very aware of the negative emotional response of millions to the delightful contemplation of others. The more controversial they are, the more they sell. The competitive nature of the industry forces journalists to embrace and nurture controversy, in apparent disagreement with their mission.

Capturing someone’s benevolence entails checking his facebook in order to see whether he is Charlie or not. Unfortunately, this often means cursing the Jews, Arabs, Gypsies, Americans and so on.

The idea that criminals are still among us and they could be found by testing our reaction to caricatures is utterly ridiculous. The more so that the drawings’ journalistic purpose seems entirely absent as satire normally targets notorious characters, heads of state, ministers and kings and not churchgoing ragamuffins.

The sacrifice of the Charlie Hebdo team powerfully highlights the issue of freedom of expression. But it must necessarily be granted to their opponents alike. It is imperative to be able to criticize a cartoon without being labeled as terrorist threat.

Support for freedom of speech, horror version

Officials and dignitaries seem to live in a separate world. Isolated in the middle of a Paris boulevard, some forty world leaders with their staff staged a photo claiming they actually led the protests.

Their real stance on the freedom of the press is demonstrated by their little or no attitude regarding Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

If Islamic radicalism really deserves an answer, so does western radicalism.

Terrorists’ contempt to life is not restricted to Christians and Hebrews. Among the victims of the attack and the rescuers were many Muslims. All Arab states unanimously condemned the attack. However, Europe’s response reiterated its split with the Islam.

Unfortunately, the gathered leaders failed to issue a proportional reaction to the unfolding genocide in Nigeria counting thousands of dead same days. Their meeting did not result in dissociation of any violence and any extremism.

Against appearances, the enlightened West will not limit to the use of words and drawings to impose its ideas from now on.

Beyond their graves, journalists from Charlie Hebdo show how high among European values ranks the hypocrisy.

Likely becoming a terrorist? We can help

People came by the millions to the Paris protest. What lacks the largest protest of all time to be an invitation to radicalization?

Death from terrorism appears very low in overall statistics. However, there are no widespread protests against motoring, starvation or diabetes. Fear of death does not bring people out in the street.

Did they take to the streets to support a magazine they never bought? This cannot be. Indeed, the majority were not acquainted with these satirical drawings.

Did they came for freedom of expression? Why now? There are far greater threats to it than Islam. Freedom of expression must be defended more often, and not just after the murder of a person who breaches it.

Modernization and globalization are nothing more than a process of europeanization of the planet. This implies, in reverse, Europe’s globalization in terms of population. The alarm signal about the Islamization of France is sent to Le Pen in the absence of a better solution.

World states can no longer afford to delay the immigration reform. „Do not come to my home to tell me how to behave”?… Criminals are like us, smiling to the camera like us, dressed like us. They resort to crime after failing to succeed being like us. The most reasonable protest to the assumed superiority would be removing the barriers of integration. These barriers are against Europe and the greatest of its ideas.

Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should render the term „illegal migration” disappear. Rallying people against Islam and not against the inept rule incapable to solve immigration, economy, security, etc is the greatest blow to the newspaper, which self-proclaimed itself anti-system and anti-discrimination. And a blow to the global community.

You are Charlie Hebdo? I am Muhammad

Invectives addressed to those who refuse the ‘Je suis Charlie’ t-shirt show the emergence of new taboos in our society. Heads of states are gathering at the memorial. Sick criminals are painted in the colors of terrorism, the new religion of inhumanity. But is the public enemy really against free speech? Do the terrorists increasingly control our daily journalistic discourse?

Who are the terrorists, after all? It’s utterly ridiculous to claim that the real killer is the Islam. Nobody condemned love after investigating a crime of passion. If truly overwhelmed by anger, murderers should have communicated more about it; newspapers reportedly contacted them by telephone and internet while being hunted. Still have not heard any details, but surely will flow in the coming days making sure that the circus is not cooled down and we won’t dwell on the real problems our life has.

The bodies of perpetrators finally killed by the French police are just as linked to Charlie Hebdo as Osama bin Laden’s, who cunningly used to change his face conformation every television appearance that CIA presented to the terrified public.

Another facet of the idea of religious terror is our duty to teach them the Mohammedans the lesson of free speech to allow them dissociate from the crimes inherent to their inferior religion. Even before Charlie Hebdo there were large demonstrations against Islam in Western Europe as a spectacular growth of xenophobia emerged in the polls. The latest issue of the attacked magazine was, presciently or not, about the danger of Islam.

I do not remember having seen anything in the media about dissociation of white Christians from any of the many crimes occurring every day made by their ethnic and religious group. 10 journalists in Paris weigh more than hundreds of thousands of innocents from Gaza, Afghanistan or Iraq.

The perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo attack were on terrorism watch list for years. Here is another unfortunate parallel with 11 September, when ultra-expensive NORAD defense systems worth trillions did not intervene. It’s completely ridiculous to hear the day after the attack secret service chiefs talking about strengthening security. No one was forced to resign for this monumental failure. The urgent call to societal reform to face new threats spells a call to the reform of institutions that didn’t fulfill their duty.

We are ready for anything but real threats. More dangerous than the alleged Islamisation of society is the increasingly evident ineptitude of our states’ institutions and the trickery to conceal it.

Freedom of expression, of insult and hatred

The newscast turned horror movie once again. The world of Charlie Hebdo is just as lamentable as the killing of its cartoonists.

Popular rallying is a little forced, though. Charlie Hebdo has not quite brought a great service to democracy: it is a guarantee that freedom of speech functions, while seriously breaching it. Many of its drawings aren’t worth of tens of thousands copies in circulation. Freedom is meaningless if fails to make a selection in cultural production. When you have talent, it’s a shame to waste it on pornographic drawings of religious leaders.

Charlie Hebdo can hardly be an example for anyone, much less for journalists, who lost their temper on the subject, and got incapacitated even more than usual; hence, the over-inflation of words and of the ‘Je suis Charlie’ adoption by people who never held a copy and wouldn’t catch or taste the bulk of its jokes.

The elite has ceased to get annoyed by satire, and more than that, bestowed upon the buffoons the martyr status. Eternal glory to our heroes! In their memory, even the Eiffel Tower lights went out a few minutes. If you want immortality, here’s what you have to do…

The criminals behaved like true professionals, entered the building, escaped the pursuers… and left behind an identification card. It is an old Muslim tradition: after the attack of September 11 one of the terrorists’ passport was miraculously found in the rubble.

Every time a crime happens, it’s not the law stating that reasons must be sought and addressed. It is our own instinct of survival that’s doing it. What media now communicates about the crime doesn’t depart in the least of the irresponsibility of their peers who died in Paris.

My instinct of survival urges me not to take this story as a proof of stupidity of religion and Islam. Affront and hatred cannot be the solution. Each of us have a problem with grasping the truth due to its emotionally jammed channels: the perpetrators are simply psychopathic mercenaries.

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