Dans Trei Culori

I invite you to dance
In good democratic tradition
after having published today’s national anthem
„Wake up, Romanian”
I also issue „Three Colors”
the one I grew up with
as most of the Romanians
I sang it every day with my colleagues
before school hours
sometimes nasally in the style of Mihai Constantinescu
sometimes avant-gardist as Aurelian Andreescu
sometimes quietly like Florin Bogardo
and from time to time in opera style
beneath teacher’s lenient eyes
Meanwhile it was likely that someone
was throwing an apple, cleansing an ear
or quickly copying the homework
We were all standing without enthusiasm
The fact that the anthem was changed
does not invalidate my memories
There are many good memories
I’m not ashamed of them
I will never be ashamed and I am grateful for them
Younger generations not knowing the tune
will dance more easily
than the adults accustomed with conceptual figures
Whoever is bothered I hope to relax
and I apologize for the inconvenience
Reading a text is much different
then listening
or singing it
The more you repeat it, the more you internalize
Only after finishing this recording
I realized that
the attitude I manifest nowadays
is directly related to my education
Here: take, for example, the verse
„rise like a star”
my logo
the red returned R is also an A
sign of the sun
verse „we are one people in the world”
send to the motto:
„We are one”
verse „and a bold goal”
points to the objective of eliminating poverty and war
declaimed by Ceausescu himself
I seem to be a true communist
the evidence is pretty clear
With headphones on, livid
I tried to keep my temper
After all, I live in the most permissive
and tolerant political system, the liberal democracy
Are the communists its official enemy?
not really
why should I self-condemn?
If Mr Basescu and Tismăneanu chose to do it
it’s their own business
It’s very poetic torment self-condemnation
But I prefer to put it in a song
When hearing in the news that in (say) 1985
communists made this and done that, I wonder:
Who were those communists?
It was us. We are all the same people
And ironically, after 25 years
the one-party-system has been preserved:
everyone does and says the same thing
Same Mary with another hat
Awake, Mary
just as much communist you were then
as much liberal you are now
You are adorable so naive
with your eyes on fashion magazines
Come on… do not be mad
promise I’ll never call you communist again
Did you read the story of Aladdin?

Here is the old anthem:

Three of world’s colors I know
Reminiscent of a brave people
Whose bravery is renown for long
After triumphant battles.
Many centuries fought
Our heroic ancestors.
Let us rule this country
Builders of the New World.
Red, yellow and blue
Is our tri-color.
It rises like a star
My glorious people.
We are one people in this world
Closely united and hardworking,
Free, with a new reputation
And a bold goal.

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