One State Soul-ution

The Anarchist International is a form of Realism focused on the implementation of Human Rights through direct democracy and global nationalization to achieve complete elimination of poverty worldwide in the least amount of time.

The Anarchist International claims to be a truly global political movement, opposed to globalism(*). The concept of New World Order is rejected in order to reveal the Actual Veritable Order of the World(**), cunningly subjected to various forms of manipulation.

As a fundamental assumption of international relations theory, anarchism opposes disorder and chaos. Anarchy is indeed a day-to-day global reality(***) and its altered perception by the general public is a proof of non-logic, doctrinally use of words which perpetuates confusion.

The Anarchist International differs from communism, although it constitutes its defender. As much as the capital (individualism) can be considered central in certain instances, society (community) also has to have its due for natural balance. The concept of Nationalization refers to the UDHR as the Constitution of Humanity and the consequent invalidation of any division between peoples which arises from „legitimate” pursue of „national” interest from which all wars stem.

World’s armament is capable of killing all Earth’s population and most species many times over. Weapons’ production has to be halted and all atomic bombs and power plants dismantled. The recipient of the vast resources freed by this measure is Earth’s most important feat, the educated human. The impoverished and mind controlled is not capable to make use of its vote. The free spirit in conjunction with the unaltered communication and trust is a must-have for any political life.

„Security” indeed disregards language, race, religion or geography. All world’s states are comparable regarding to institutions such as police, army, justice, journalism and so on. Effectively, there are no boundaries and there should not exist any. All Police workforces globally bear the same function regardless of political system. World’s security is currently threatened only by artificial divisions based on mindless competition and private profit maximization, which is also threatened by global doom through nuclear destruction, technological and scientific irresponsibility and mutually acknowledged servitude.

The Anarchist International(****) is a non-theoretical, proactive initiative seeking presidency of Romania. The elections are going to be held in autumn 2014. My name is Eduard Jak Neumann and here I detail my vision and my mission. Electoral system requires 200 000 signatures to enter the race. It makes no sense to be only Romanian signatures. Wherever you are, any country, any continent, any color, any genre, it’s definitely worth giving a couple of clicks. Please participate. It is about fairness. I am a humble mere mortal who believes in democracy, free speech and human rights. As President of Romania, a truly remarkable country, I am willing to nationally implement Human Rights as Constitution in order to prove its global functionality.

(*) global vs globalism; social vs socialism; simple vs simplism; principle vs its unnecessary approximation;

(**) AVOW-assert or confess openly;

(***) „The status of The Anarchical Society as a classical text is clear […] To what extent does the inherited political framework provided by the society of states continue to provide an adequate basis for world order?” Andrew Hurrell, foreword to the third edition of Hedley Bull, The Anarchical Society, Palgrave, 2002;

(****) Я1 is the logo of the Anarchist International and represents the inverted IR (International Relations), suggesting anarchism’s application to different levels of society. Combining Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian it reads as ALADDIN (all addin’), the average man’s mastering of its fate. It is an extraction from world’s culture, the Islam, and its most popular feat, the Arabian Nights; The „Я” sign symbolizes the Sun, as it incapsulates both R and A, referencing to ancient Egypt’s monotheism. I chose the sun inspired by Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance theory, which leads to identification of the Sun as the main influence on Earth’s morphic field.


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