International Anarchist symbol


On one hand, there is the greed for big money, on the other starvation death, an imbalance which the financial and economic establishment can easily correct.
This is a much needed implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To feed and educate the poor.
We ask the nations to associate in diverting all military funding towards global welfare.
We propose an all-months size of 28 days with 19 days work 4 hours a day work in return for 0% poverty. There is a huge amount of unemployment for younger generations which can be very efficiently balanced with education in Africa. We can deal with any social insertions and use the remaining 9 free days to reward the extra work.
We observe we posses enough weapons to kill the whole population many times over. The use of weapons has to be centralized by all nations associated, also the manufacturing, maintenance and mining, as the domains in which the market system has proved to be disastrous.
The anarchical state of international politics has been long theorized, but it should be also contemplated at a different level, in order to properly function for the benefit of humanity.
World’s most important resource is the people, impoverished by the law.


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