Petition for the United Nations

A tremendous amount of world’s resources are spent on the military while poverty is widespread.

The Human Rights Declaration is used for justification of military action and not for education for global nationalization.

Twisted forms of political participation are tolerated (gifts for votes) while mass media’s role in political control increases.

Technological research is driven by profit and is directed against the benefit of the humankind and the Earth’s ecosystem. The genetic modifications are being spread without proper research. Many species are endangered by the bees’ accelerated disappearance.

The west’s social scientific community acknowledges that the number of people in the world is too high. The United States support unelected openly declared Nazi groups in Ukraine.

Dominant paradigms democracy and capitalism rest on slavery to assure their self-preservation.

The scientific community prohibits the research on human conscience.

Call for a complete centralization of all nuclear weapons by the UN.

Call for global elimination of poverty by the financial establishment in return for 4 hours a day, 19 days a month community work.

Call for the use of technology for political education. At the age of 13, each person should own a digital device fitted with internet and an app for political participation.

Call for an even 13 months per year time system, 28 days each month, used for payrolls.

One day, for global celebration

Please sign the petition here.


As the campain for EU parliament unfolds, Romania is cheerfully bracing for war. No one dares to debate it as it would entail being labelled communist.

The left does not exist in Romania’s political spectrum for a long time. It has been effectively outlawed by current president in 2006.

If the car’s steering wheel can only do right, the vehicle will eventually crash.

Romanians also need to contemplate neutrality in the Ukraine conflict as a course of action. As yet, nobody provides this point of view. There is a fundamental choice, for peace, that they cannot express at the ballot.

That’s why I am running for President.

Political participation is essential for all societies. The many believe that it is intrinsically corrupt, the quicker society’s demise. And at present almost everybody agrees on that in Romania. The establishment is not at all to be trusted.

Most of all, politics is a game. Constitutions allow everyone to enter it as a matter of principle. The quality of governance is conditioned by the free exchange of ideas and the launching of new debates. This is quite an experiment. I cannot find myself in any political discourse in today’s EU elections, so I dare to start one.

Romania should keep neutrality in the Ukraine. Neutrality is completely ignored in this campaign. US cannot properly start the war without our involvement. Big cats are looking for big profit (east and west). I have many friends and family right at the border, where I was born.

Please spread the UN petition. My point is that the human society evolved tremendously in the last 25 years. We have new technologies at hand. We should upgrade our laws. No more war

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