20 planetosaurus grams

Planetosaurus Planetorus Nealterarta is an unhatched ancient being, forced to depend on outer body experience. Prisoner of the science which catalogued him, it is searching for numbers, words, understanding and imagination. Its name, ten letters encrusted on his body, gives vibrating strains of the following form:

Atonal Pursues
Natural Opuses
Paean Lustrous
No Aural Setups

Protean Usuals
Transpose Luau
Astral Upon Use
Sarape Soul Nut

Sultana Uprose
Natural Spouse
Trousseau Plan
Aureolas Punts

Supernal Autos
Oust Up Arsenal
Unseat Parlous
A Strenuous Lap

Sun Our Palates
Areal Stun Opus
Snouts Up Areal
Sealant Our Sup

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  1. The Planetosaurus Association is dedicated to original, creative and innovative art through events such as workshops, master-classes, seminars, festivals, congresses, exhibitions, publications and charities. It aims to collaborate with any individuals and institutions which share its views on cultural relevance to create a social network for public education.

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