Your Path

dedicated to Lucian Blaga, a Romanian poet and philosopher. It contains a few quotes from his first published volume “The Poems of Light” (1919)

Hear my soul, he went away
And I don’t know which way he is
To be found

Hear the stars, sick with thoughts
Conquering the sorrow of the day
I was born

Do you not foresee the madness
That my heart is having when
You’re not around?

I am looking for a nest in this tree
where the clay sings a carillon
clean as tears

In the dark depth of the night
When my heart is conquered by
Your embrace

Eager and thirsty eyes
Forever searching for your
Dearest trace

Oh, your sweet shadow
Oh, your blind path
I’m with you everywhere

I saw your face beyond the train’s dark windows
And I was caught by dawn
People were all peevishly sleeping doubled up all around me
And I apologized for them

I saw your face when the wind was wiping his tears off the glasses
Spliced on my being, this huge world aches like a wound
I saw your face and I closed my eyes
To embrace it

Oh, your sweet shadow
Oh, your blind path
I’m with you everywhere

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